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I feel very fortunate to have be brought up in a family where ‘Love’ was freely given and ‘Respect’ was expected for my elders or you got a ‘clip’ around the ear!!

As a young toddler (3 years old), I remember that all I wanted to do was play, run, kick the ball, anything that got me moving.

So I learnt to run very fast, especially when I was in trouble!!



My sporting life started from an early age, 6 or 7 years old.

From primary school athletics to representing Canterbury (a region in NZ) in Hockey & Tennis. Most weekends were sport, sport, sport.

The sports I were in involved in were athletics, cross country, softball, tennis, table tennis, hockey and of course Power Lifting from the age of 14.



My powerlifting career started when I was 14 years old, I wanted to improve my tennis & heard that the top girls in my age group were weight training.
By the time I was 16 years old, I had accumulated Open NZ & Commonwealth Records and represented NZ in my first Women’s World Championships (no Juniors back then). I placed 2nd in the world to the late & great ‘Ruthie Shafer’. This was my Deadlift of 180 kgs.



At 24, I won my first Open World Championships breaking my first World Record in the Squat of 230kgs.
This was our small, humble NZ team comprising of just 3 representatives. Grahame Fong was my coach (pictured) who was instrumental in helping me achieve greatness in Power Lifting until I retired in 1994.


1991 Women’s World Championships was one of my greatest battles especially in the Squat, against the hosting country’s favourite lifter.
If my memory serves me well, I lifted 233kgs, India’s favourite lifted 234kg & pipped me but unfortunately for her, got tested positive!!
This gave me another WR in the 75kg class Squat & the Total, with my first ‘Champions of Champions’ title to boot.



1993 Women’s World Championships in Sweden, 1st attempt in the Squat of 230 kgs.
I broke my own WR of 253kgs with 255kgs.
By now I’d made history with 11 consecutive WR’s spread out over 3 weight classes, this made the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’.


1994 Women’s World Championships in Rotorua, NZ
This was my last official 3 lift event, with a WR Deadlift of 260kgs in the 90kg class and a WR Total of 672.5kgs.
This was the NZ team at the 1994 world Champs, it was great to have a full team representing NZ.
My second ‘Champion of Champion’ title was achieved at these worlds.



Bodybuilding was a sport I had spent a considerable amount of time watching through my teenage years into my early twenties.
My coach at the time was heavily involved in the national body as an administrator and judge. So I was often recruited to help out with various jobs that need to be done.

The sport fascinated me, I day dreamed of getting up on stage strutting my stuff in a bikini but at that time it was just that a day dream. The reality of ‘the diet’ stopped me in my tracks & at that stage my life was ‘Powerlifting’

At the ripe old age of 32, I decided it was time and starting prepping for my first contest the 1999 ‘NZFBB North Island Championships’.
Winning that qualified me to compete in our Nationals.
That competition I also won which qualified me to compete in the IFBB Amateur World Bodybuilding Championships in Poland in 2000.
I declined the invite & decided to prepare for the Nabba Universe which was going to be held in Christchurch NZ , my home town.

My chances of winning were rated fairly high but it wasn’t going to be easy with a 7 x Nabba Ms Universe coming to town.
Did I win ‘NO I DIDN’T’, I placed second which was indeed respectable for a novice to be fair.

Overall my Bodybuilding journey was an amazing experience, I never thought I had the discipline to handle the diet let alone get on stage in a bikini. Another ticked off the ‘bucket list’.



In my 2012 I decided I would commence training in the Bench only, I did a little local bench press comp in Auckland NZ and lifted 142.5kgs quite comfortably.
This reignited my desire to lift; by January 2014 I had asked ‘World’s Leading Physical Preparation Coach’ Ian King if he would take me on as an athlete.
This clip was from a competition between Australia & NZ in April 2014, where I officially broke one of the GPA Open World Bench Records at 140kgs.
This was only a tester for me with 3 ½ months of training under Ian King, so needless to say I was quite excited for the future.



Due to my over enthusiasm, I prolapsed L4 & L5 in my lumbar spine (historical issue from lifting heavy so young) the Tuesday after my GPA WR Bench Press, April, 2014.
It was the worst thing & the best thing that could have happened to me, as I’ve learnt so much from Ian on rehabbing this particular injury, without ‘health professionals’.
To date this has held me back but finally in September 2015, we were finally able to plan towards my first 3 lift comp which all going to plan will be in October/November 2016.
This photo was recently taken to promote my website.



Cathy Millen is New Zealand’s own Power Lifting legend.

Millen is a 5 x International Power Lifting Federation (IPF) World champion (1990-94) and 25 x Open World Record holder.

She has held multiple Commonwealth & NZ Records over a 30 year history in Powerlifting.

After securing a highly successful rein over women’s powerlifting, Millen retired from competition in 1994. It was then Millen was inducted into the IPF Hall of Fame – for the pinnacles she reached in the sport not only for New Zealand powerlifting, but for competitive women all over the world.

The only ‘Kiwi’ to have done so in the history of the sport to date.

Naturally from here Millen’s personal training career was born and she continued with this path up until 2014.

Cathy has never been one to settle for average, after 30+ years of Powerlifting, she started re-educating herself, she wanted to take things to the next level, enter Ian King’s KSI Athletic Preparation Coaching Program in 2012.

When people ask Cathy what Ian King’s KSI Athletic Preparation Coaching Program is she says “it’s transformed my approach to my own training & others. I’ve paid the price of imbalanced programming & poorly developed technique, although I was considered in ‘Powerlifting’ circles technically sound.”

Cathy was a world class competitor, so you know her experience is ‘Practical’, not academic. This allows her to be very open minded in preparing athletes for whatever their chosen sport.

“My approach to coaching is hands on, and I care about my athletes, I prefer to work with people as oppose to just writing a program and sending them on their way (prescription training).”



Having come from a competitive sporting background, it was important to me that the products were of the ‘highest quality’ and that I would actually notice the benefits.

Prior to using USANA, I can’t say there was any noticeable difference or benefits from the nutritional products I was taking.

Not only do I notice the difference internally but I see it externally on my Skin.



Learn to train athletes in any sport, any level, any age, either gender, and in any countryKSI Coaching Education

Ian King, founder of KSI (King Sports International) has a global reputation for being the ‘World’s Leading Physical Preparation Coach’.
Now that’s a title you have to have credentials to back up, so I’ll make it brief.
Ian’s literally trained thousands of ‘Elite Athletes’ in at least 20 different sports in 10 different countries, written and produced over 54 books & DVDs, let alone influenced 10’s of thousands of fitness & strength enthusiasts.
He has written countless articles & publications for numerous online & hard cover strength training companies.

I’ve followed Ian King for nearly 20 years, mainly through articles that I’ve read online and a few books that I purchased over the years.
His work just made sense to me, so I started using some of his generic programs for myself & clients at the time which resulted in some remarkable results in strength & size.
In 2012 I decided to see what Ian was up to and found that he had developed a comprehensive educational program for athletes & coaches. I joined up!!
To be brutally honest, I’ve struggled at times to stay on track, not through lack of belief in the program, but through my lack of self belief.

Ian King presents the most holistic physical preparation educational program out there, it forces you to take a good hard look at how you operate in this industry.
It’s not for those people that want to do a quick course then add it to their resume, this requires dedication and perseverance.
My approach to coaching & training myself has changed in every way, I’m a better athlete and coach.
If you would like to learn more about the KSI Physical Preparation Educational Course check out their website.